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Have you considered purchasing a home?

There are many benefits of home-ownership that buyers enjoy including:

  • Mortgage Interest and taxes are deductible.

  • With a home you can personalize to your style including paint, and so much more. You can make improvements to the home how you see fit.

  • No lease rules that need to be followed.

  • Less neighbors in close surroundings with you.

  • Outside green space/yard to enjoy.

  • Your home is your best form of savings & investment and benefits you, not your landlord.

  • Sense of pride of ownership.

At Connect Real Estate Group, we have experienced agents that can guide you through the home buying process, whether it's your first purchase, or if you an experienced buyer. 

Housing is not a home with out a pet

Buy or Sell a house with Connect Real Estate Group, and we will pay the adoption fees for you to adopt a new furry family member from local animal shelter BENCHS.*

To get more information on this promotion and our world-class Real Estate agents, give us a call at (507) 779-7319 or contact us through

To see all the wonderful dogs and cats in need of a home and available for adoption, visit BENCHS website at or click on the links below.

Connect with a Cat
Connect with a Dog
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